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The first thing to do is contact Mark Wilson (Secretary on Contacts page) and arrange to come up for a visit and a chat.  Prospective beginners should use the link in the Learn To Fly page.
Please note that this will be subject to any Covid-related restrictions in place at the time and also that,currently, we cannot permit any "walk in" visitors until further notice. Members who wish to bring a visitor must notify the Committee in advance and supply a mobile phone number for Track and Trace

You will get a tour of the site and a chat about the various sides to the hobbies, the low-risk / dual control training program and the costs involved whether you are buying new or second-hand. At that stage we can also arrange a free trial flight or time on the computer simulators.

Although members have access to the site 7 days a week, Saturday and Sunday mornings are the best time for a pre-arranged visit. 

We have good beginners guidance documents here on the web site that you can read before coming up, or after you have visited. New members are allocated a dedicated mentor to take them through the initial training phase

A new training plan will be provided and tailored to each individual learner by their instructor after an initial assessment

Please take some time to browse our web site and we hope to see you soon - Covid willing.

For further information please see our Beginner's Guide


All the BMFA videos including the various Achievement Scheme and "In The Air Tonight" videos can be found here.

All the SAA videos can be found here.

Achievement Schemes

For the SAA Safety and Achievement scheme please go here

For the BMFA Safety and Achievment Scheme details please go here

Drones are permitted at our club as long as the pilot is qualified and has the relevant insurance for recreational use. Our Club is for recreational purposes only, and as such we cannot accept persons who are intent on using our training and recreational set up to assist them in achieving any personal gain.

All drone flyers have to comply with club rules, SAA rules and any rules issued by the CAA.