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Firstly:- PLEASE e-mail or drop in at the club before buying or building your model.

Congratulations on considering aeromodelling as a hobby, and congratulations for having the good sense to check things out before buying. As a club we much prefer to give advice and guidance before rather than after as that way we can advise on a suitable model and the modifications that are best made during the construction stage. We can also ensure you get equipment compatible with the instructors so as to minimise delays through training.

Although the club has a buddy box for general use we advise that you purchase your own. That way it is set once for your model and does not need re-setting each time a different pupil is flying. Again, this is a tremendous saving in valuable time. Remember that you can always sell it on to a new beginner when you have finished with it.

The club has a number of instructors who are prepared to give up their free time to help train beginners. Pupils are advised to contact an instructor to arrange lessons and this way we do not have people turning up when there is no-one there to teach them.

The club also recommends the purchase of a computer flight simulator from your local model shop to give very useful experience. Some simulators come with their own controller, but more advanced ones can work with your own transmitter. Phoenix, Aerofly and Real Flight are more advanced simulators, some with on-line multiplayer capability. Simulators are an essential learning tool and dramatically cut down the learning time. Again, these can be sold on when you are finished with them.

All pilots who have not reached "SAA Bronze / BMFA "A" are expected to undergo training and attempt this part of the achievement scheme at the earliest opportunity. A downloadable pictorial diagram of the Bronze schedule is here, and the full text version of the Safety Code is available on the S.A.A.'s web site here. The Bronze call sheet and Silver call sheet are also available.