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These prices are approximate only. You should check the magzines and the local model shops for beginners packages. Second-hand is another option but take advice before buying. We are here to help so please talk to us before buying something that may be unsuitable.

Trainer 60 Required
Engine 40 Required
Both together 80
Radio Futaba 6EXA or similar (note - do NOT use alkaline batteries. Re-chargable ones only please) 130 Required
Mechanical fuel pump 8 Required
Remote glow start + charger 15 Required
10 x 6 or similar prop (depends on size of engine) 2.50 Required. Get 2
Engine glow plug 2.50 Required. Get 2
1 gallon fuel 5% nitro 13 Required
Chicken stick to start engine 2 Required
Club fees 60* Required
SAA membership & Insurance 27* Required
1st Upgrade:
Buddy box transmitter and cable (To aid training by allowing the instructor to be in control at all times. Reduces crashes) Note - you do not need a battery, crystal or aerial for the buddy box. 30
2nd Upgrade (makes starting the engine a lot easier)
Starter motor available from most model shops 20
12v gell battery 20
3rd Upgrade (normal betteries need a 15 hour charge before every day out. A fast-charge setup can be ready in about an hour, and can be charging on the way to the flying site)
Fast charger Pro-Peak Delta Peak Fast Charger. Simultaneously Fast Charge 1~12 Cell NiCad/Ni-MH Packs Plus 8 Cell Transmitter 50
fast-charge transmitter pack (Due to the variety of transmitters, you are best co contact Overlander for advice. 20
fast-charge receiver pack Sanyo 1100 4.8v AA NiCad RX configuration 7 - 13.99 14
Simulator (allows you to practice when the weather is too bad. 50 to 130  

* There are various fee levels depending on whether you are an adult, junior or family