Tom's Model Guide

Fuel Tank Mod by Tom Laird. 11/4/2002

One fuel line modification I definately recommend is to add a piece of brass tube inside the fuel tank, between the outlet and the clunk. In the event of a rapid stop (bad landing) the clunk can be thrown forward and get stuck, resulting in fuel starvation after about 10 minutes. I also used 30Amp fuze wire to secure the fuel lines to the tank on the outside, reducing the risk of air getting in.

The latest mod was to add a fuel valve between the tank and the carburettor. This allows fueling and draining without removing a fuel line.

The problem ....
The solution. Cut the brass pipe about 25mm / 1 inch long and insert halfway along the fuel line.
Close up the gap. Secure with 30 amp fuse wire if you wish.